sdf has expanded its dialup service. these are direct dialup lines and do not require ppp/slip to use. they are also freely available for everyone.


please dialup today!

@SDF Trying to remember if I have a working modem somewhere.

@SDF Thank you so much guys!!!!!!!!! I still use dialup for some of my old stuff. One of them is a Dreamcast...and I've played online with it through dialup. It still works if you know how to get past the locks!

@SDF That's great news!
Now I can use my Altair 8800 and PDP-8/e as daily drivers :D

Are there any hacks to get BBOARD working on a VT52? (I mean, it is your logo after all :P )

@SDF is there still a sip extension for 300 baud dialup? or was that just an experiment?

@irl yes, it is 1993 but the ata is off at the moment due to a move. it will get turned on tonite.

@SDF awesome! I'll try and give it a go this month now I've got some toys out of storage.

@monerica telecommunication

@SDF I tired the dialups a few times. 0474 and 3013 pick and connect up but send no data. 6330 worked a few days ago but now seems broken?

@SDF Just curious, is SDF using landlines from Centurylink? (looks like that is who these numbers are assigned to)

Also, what is the maximum speed seen via this service thus far? I'd imagine there are at least two digital to analog conversions on Centurylink's end, which generally makes higher bitrates unattainable.

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