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Who would win in a fair fight?


Wasn't expecting this. It just randomly popped out of youtube a moment ago.

Hey, who here is old enough to remember Democracy?

That was pretty cool, right?

Good times... good times...

This is a good channel for vintage tube repair videos. He does HiFi gear and guitar amps. Sometimes he even does solid state stuff, but it's rare.

Tony finally brought a real guitar!

Who would win in a fair fight?


We just seem to keep taking zero steps forward and two steps back.


Fox is going to air a Jan 6 "documentary" apologizing for it.

These people are outright fascists. Their goal is to overturn liberal democracy and install an authoritarian leading to an all white ethno-state.

That's actually what's happening in the US right now.


You you know all the footage we've seen of Kyrsten Sinema being unresponsive to questions from her constituents and stuff? The Dems are just playing musical chairs with who they need to be scapegoats in order not to pass populist legislation, and her number came up, but I'm wondering if psychologically she just can't handle the pressure that's being put on her, and she's hiding... and from the looks of it, probably about to have a mental breakdown.

I thought Star Trek Prodigy was supposed to be the show for kids? After one episode it kicks Lower Decks' ass. It actually has a sophisticated story. Lower Decks is just trying to be TNG with a more snarky humour, and almost NO story.

USPOL/Big Tobacco 

I just saw 30 year old footage of tobacco CEOs testifying in front of congress, all saying "I don't believe nicotine is addictive..."

Wow. I don't remember that hearing or that testimony, but considering what we knew then, it made me laugh out loud. These fucking assclowns went on TV in front of the world and lied.

I also started building the Balanced Output boards for my other project. I had exactly 3 parts in stock so while the soldering iron was warm, I installed them.


Cuomo getting charged. GOOD.

MAGAs gonna have a field day with this even though their guys are worse pieces of shit, because not only are they sex offenders, they're FASCIST sex offenders.

So for the heck of it I soldered some leads to the SIL9 adapter boards I had made. Its only purpose in life is to make an 8 pin 5532 fit into a 9-pin hole socket. See attached. Original and "new and improved."

Comedy Sketch 

This is from the guy who called himself the Liberal Redneck (or is it Redneck Liberal?)

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