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I heard someone in their 20s talking today. Someone with kids, and they talked about how their grandfather was really into friends. Putting it that way makes it sound like the show was on 40 years ago!

I ordered a very small batch of boards for some specific (hopefully) upcoming projects. Balanced output boards for the and the DIP8 to SIL9 adapter boards for the . I also got some Balanced Input Boards too, since they are the reciprocal compliment to the balanced output boards.

My post about panels was supposed to say:

"doing cutouts for Neutrik XLRs is a pain WITHOUT a proper punch"

Sometimes I get so absorbed in reading the morning's news that I forget the hot cup of tea on the table, and when I finally remember to sip it, it's cold.

I'm also tired of HAVING to order panels from panel makers to do some prototype builds. I think for some basic builds I'm going to do more panel cutting. I used to order panels because doing cutouts for Neutrik XLRs is a pain with a proper punch. So next on the list is a Greenlee 15/16 inch punch. Those things are fekkin expensive!

The next project I am going to build, if I ever have money again, is going to be an unbalanced to balanced conversion box using THAT 1646 chips, specifically designed to do that job. This is for my home stereo. The Tube preamp I have is RCA out, but the power amp is XLR in. Right now I'm using an adapter cable and it's fine, but it results in signal loss. I have PCBs for the 1646 chips coming.


Wealth of Jeff Bezos
2009: $6,800,000,000
2021: $197,400,000,000

Wealth of Bill Gates
2009: $40,000,000,000
2021: $135,400,000,000

Wealth of Mark Zuckerberg
2009: $2,000,000,000
2021: $114,900,000,000

U.S. Minimum Wage
2009: $7.25
2021: $7.25

Three words: TAX THE RICH

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Best Currency?

Dear mouse manufacturers. If you're going to send me the USB to PS2 adapter, I want the USB to DIN5 adapter, too. Or at least DIN5 to PS2.

I'm old school and shit.

When I order PCBs I always order a few extra, especially if I get them at a good price. I do this because there's always people looking for boards on my makers forums. People who have never ordered PCBs from a manufacturer, and don't want the hassle. It's a nice way to help someone out, and make a few dollars.

Whenever I change my sheets or bedspread, the cat's world is thrust into turmoil. She starts pacing and gets very agitated.


So all of the "conservatives" who want to break up big tech now, are the same types of people who didn't want to break up Microsoft during the browser wars.

Wow. The 1981 movie An American Werewolf in London is making a big comeback on the youtube reaction video scene.

As seen on twitter:

"I think a big challenge in democracy reform is a failure of imagination. Most Americans have never lived abroad so we don't understand the alternatives, and we've experienced mediocre-to-poor democratic performance for so long we've lost the ability to imagine anything better."


I think a big problem with moving forward in ANY arena is the lack of imagination.

Best Currency?

Wow. So I just learned Jim Caviezel is nuts. There's a video clip of him speaking at the Qanon "Convention."

When I record, I prefer to use 16 bit 384 Khz because that's the way I roll.

I don't mean to brag, but Gurinder Chadha liked a tweet of mine. 🙂


RIP James Michael Tyler (Gunther from Friends)

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