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The eclipse is looking good. It did rain today, and it's humid AF out there (like 75%) so there is some atmospheric distortion around the moon, but it's still very viewable.

Cool. The clouds opened up enough to see the eclipse.


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So straighten something out for me. Who figured out Mark Watney was still alive on Mars in the movie The Martian? Was it Mindy Park when she looked at the coordinates Vincent Kapoor emailed her, or was it Vincent, and that's why he WAS emailing her?

I always assumed Vincent wanted her to look at the Habitat site to see if she could see any evidence of Watney's body. This is based on the conversation Vincent had with the head of NASA in the previous scene.

So which is it?

Liam Neeson was pretty badass in Taken, but like... how did he get out of France? He was already in trouble with French intelligence from what we saw earlier in the film. Then he took out everyone on the boat at the end.

Are we supposed to assume he just used to spy-guy skills to get home as well?

I also made another board with the proper value resistors on it so the power rail indicator blue LEDs won't be SUPER bright. I'll post a pic of that later.

Also had to finish up the boards for the balanced output box I am making. Those are done.

This will take an unbalanced RCA or other signal and balance it with the THAT 1646 chip.

Did some soldering today. One phantom power channel on one of the Aphex 107s was putting out low voltage, so I had to fix that.


I have to make some DIP8 opamps because they don't seem to be made in DIP8 anymore.


Where's the outrage that Pelosi and Dem leadership are supporting an anti-abortion candidate who is against Roe v Wade?

The party keeps moving to the right, and that only leads one place... fascism.

Eventually the party will be all pro-life candidates "because Trump" or some shit, and libs will continue to defend them, and die on that hill.

If you drive by a Kingdom Hall and you see one of them, does that make you a Jehova's Witness witness??

Here's episode 1 of Star Trek Strange New Worlds, which Paramount put up on youtube for free for a limited time:


Definition of socialism:

Brown people having the right to vote, and woman having the right to choose what happens to their body.

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So I have 4 channels of Aphex 107 mic pres and I noticed the older unit had a problem with phantom power on one channel, and the way it's implemented is weird, but it has to be a bad transistor. That Mouser order I did had some replacements. I'll fix the one channel and look at all the other ones again and just might replace that transistor in all of them.

Anyway, they'll be for sale soon.

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I wanna test something, if you can see this post please vote. reblog for more reach, please.

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