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Rust film shooting 

I'm still having issues with calling ANY gun, even a gun that can only fie blanks, a PROP GUN. Blanks still expel hot gases at velocities which can be lethal.

All such guns need to be banned from movie sets, and ACTUAL prop guns made of rubber, plastic, or resin need to be used. Muzzle flashes can be put in with VFX.

Criminy. Some helicopters just flew over and the rotor chop was so strong it shook the house.

Sudeikis' monologue was solid last night. He shouted out to all the history and greatness that has graced that studio. The science show skit was pretty funny. The Devil on Weekend Update was excellent. And of course the appearance of Vance on What's Up Wit Dat was epic.

AND... get this... they had a musical guest on who could play an instrument and actually sing!

for the win!

Woohoo!! Looks like What's Up With That is next!!

Good monologue. Perhaps inspired by Ted Lasso himself.

I can't believe people still think FLACs sound different than WAVs.

Found an alternative to for the Asunder CD database lookup feature. Yes, I still rip CDs.

I just saw an Ancestry commercial talking about Bisbee Arizona. I have some friends out there.

I'm waiting for one of the few content creators on youtube who I really love to drop their next video. IT'S BEEN SIX DAYS!!!!!

My FAVORITE thing in the world is when people come at you with ego, and you ask them to tone it down a bit, and they have no idea what you're talking about because they don't have the self awareness. And no I'm not talking about anything on here. It was a convo I had with a friend on the phone yesterday.

I remember a few years back, possibly on the This American Life radio show, they talked about a guy who wanted to start a TV talk show. Straight up like Carson or Letterman or Colbert. He enlisted all of his friends and put ALL of his money into paying for this. I think the obsession ruined his life and his wife left him. I forget what medium he was using, but I'm wondering with all of these modern Youtube "shows," is this their inner artist or narcissist coming out?

Someone just left me a message asking if I was Nick, or I knew how to get ahold of Nick.

Sorry. No Nick here, and no friends named Nick.

You remember when Frances McDormand accepted her academy award for Three Billboards a few years ago? She talked about actors putting diversity clauses in their contracts? It's time the powerful actors of the world included a no live firearms clause in their contracts. This shit would end in a hurry.

@TheGibson I've never actually seen Buffy yet, or read one Harry potter or seen one of the movies, but the Morrisey one hit me pretty hard. I would have to think hard but I can't think of too many others right now.

So how does everyone out there handle finding out when one of their favorite artists is an asshole?

Like I have friend who won't listen to The Smith anymore because of Morrissey, despite the band being the soundtrack of his younger life.

And I have friends who can't watch Buffy anymore because Joss Whedon is a big bag of dicks.

If tomorrow's SNL isn't the strongest one in many years I am going to be disappointed. Sudeikis is former writer and performer there, and he's probably known for many months he was going to be hosting. So that means he's had a long time to come up with skit ideas and even write some. Possibly even collaborating with the SNL writers in advance.

Here's hoping.

Guns on movie sets 

So why is something called a prop gun if it can fire anything even remotely deadly? We need to get our lingo figured out here.

I called it a "blank gun" in a text to a friend, and he felt more concerned with correcting me and calling it a "prop gun" instead of helping me process the tragedy.

I've seen articles that called it a "prop gun with blanks" so I'm having trouble understanding why I can't call it a "blank gun."

To me, PROP gun implies non-lethal. Fake. "PROP" FFS.

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