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If tomorrow's SNL isn't the strongest one in many years I am going to be disappointed. Sudeikis is former writer and performer there, and he's probably known for many months he was going to be hosting. So that means he's had a long time to come up with skit ideas and even write some. Possibly even collaborating with the SNL writers in advance.

Here's hoping.

Guns on movie sets 

So why is something called a prop gun if it can fire anything even remotely deadly? We need to get our lingo figured out here.

I called it a "blank gun" in a text to a friend, and he felt more concerned with correcting me and calling it a "prop gun" instead of helping me process the tragedy.

I've seen articles that called it a "prop gun with blanks" so I'm having trouble understanding why I can't call it a "blank gun."

To me, PROP gun implies non-lethal. Fake. "PROP" FFS.

People are weird/depression 

I've been reaching out to an old friend who's going through some shit. Depression, marital issues. I'm trying to be supportive and looking for some friendship and support in return.

I've had to bite my tongue a lot in the last 2 months because of the negativity coming from him.

I guess he's not in a good enough place to accept the friendship and not be a jerk to someone who is trying to help.

So it's time to bail.

I am not a huge fan of reaction channels on youtube, but I just discovered this young lady named DASHA OF RUSSIA (now living in Canada) who's reactions are so pure and emotional. I've never seen anything quite like it. Her channel seems pretty new but she's watching a lot of cool stuff.

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The most pure of heart character ever written for TV or movies?

This is really starting to piss me off. From the excel thing they sent I am able to calculate what my pay raise was supposed to be if I were still employed there, and it's pretty good.

My immediate superior texted me in August saying i would be back Sept 1, and it didn't happen.

Like I said, this is really pissing me off. I am SO fucking inclined to reply to the email and tell them to go fuck themselves, but that might not be so productive, and maybe I don't wanna burn that bridge.


So I've been furloughed from one of my jobs for more than a year now, but for some reason they haven't asked for my security badge or my keys, and I remain on the company email list. I just got the email with the notes from the last all-company meeting, and it's talking about what they're doing for pay equity, and I got one a few months ago talking about the bonus everyone was getting. I have no idea why I'm still on the email list except that "they might hire me back any day now..."


Please youtube... I never ever ever need to see content from Rob Chapman EVER again.

RE my last 2 toots:

I've been thinking of trying to talk my friend into restarting our podcast. When we started in 2005 we were ahead of our time in the sense that these funding platforms didn't exist yet. We both had day jobs but were still basically barely surviving. My inclination today would be to say if you enjoy what we do, and if you want to support us on patreon we would really appreciate it. But everyone gets the same content because we know lots of people can't afford patreon.

RE my last toot:

Most of the channels I'm talking about did the channel self supported for years. I mean I know they have money. They drive Teslas and talk about how they spend all their time on eBay buying vintage shit. Then all of a sudden someone talked them into doing the patreon or something. Why? I dunno... because everyone else is doing it?

Maybe I'm an awful human being, but if someone is making their living off of youtube, and they use Patreon, fine. But I follow a bunch of channels where the creators have day jobs, and they make boatloads of money already, and still do Patreon with exclusive content. And it's like, they're already rich, and don't need the money, and I can't afford to join all their patreons, so I just end up not watching any of their content at all because they've pissed me off.

I've been using laptops as my daily drivers for about 7 or 8 years, but I've been using the new mouse lately, and it feels really good to be back using that as my pointing device. Much preferred.

The most pure of heart character ever written for TV or movies?

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What should the Atlanta MLB team change their name to?

I just saw a clip of Melissa Benoist on Kimmell talking about the Supergirl show ending, and I had no idea it was still on.

Who out there is a TED HEAD?? (Ted Lasso fan).

I have a question.

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