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After the MP573 was calibrated I had to do final assembly and audio tests. It worky.

Very pleased.

I got the MP573 built up, and was doing some initial voltage tests and they weren't right... because I'm an idiot and I was testing the wrong test point. Duhhhhh....

This is what my Pidgin Instant Messenger looks like. I haz sad. The world was a better place when we used IM.

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Your favorite sports position?

Still the best acceptance speech every given.

And he's going to have to give it again next year, and in 2024.

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Got both transformer assemblies soldered and assembled for the MP573. This actually took a while. Kinda complicated, but a nice piece of design and engineering by the Sound Skulptor people.

Looks like the social media blitz worked, and LeVar Burton will be hosting Jeopardy next week. I haven't watched the show in years, but as a Trek fan I will have to tune in to support him.

That said, I still hope that Ken Jennings dude gets the permanent job. He seems to deserve it.

From Dan Rather on twitter (retired former US television news anchor):

"I prefer watching the launches of independent bookstores. They’re a lot more entertaining. And they actually occupy space."

So there's this guy I used to work for, who came out of the automotive sales area. He dressed like Herb Tarlek and had ZERO class. I just looked up his LinkedIn and he has a job description written in all caps that sounds like it was written by Donald Trump, and he's displaying an image meme that confuses THEN and THAN.

Suffice it to say, NOT a rocket scientist.

Someone's gotta remind me about Wasabi tonight.

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Favorite Downton Abbey character?

Food/Gluten free 

I see Udis has a new gluten free Margherita Pizza. I'll have to give it a try.

Anyone out there tried this one yet?

More progress on the MP573. It's starting to look like something.

I'm glad we can now all finally agree that JJ Abrams ruined both Star Trek AND Star Wars.

Humidity went down a bit around here. It's been above 70% for weeks.

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