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Wow. A house I used to have an apartment in burned a few days ago. No one was hurt, and the house is fixable, but it kinda freaks you out.

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We’re offering assistance with attorney referrals for protesters, especially those whose arrests involved digital rights issues. Email for help.

Million dollar ideas. I just given them away. Because I'm that kinda guy.

New theme park ride:

Pilates of the Caribbean

Election shit 

I have lost count trying to think of the ways our systems are going to fail us on November 3rd and 4th (and beyond).

It is going to be a shitshow "like you've never seen before."

Yes, I'm using a favorite line of the Cheetoh's, except this time it will be true.


Haven't heard the word murder yet.

Page 10. We're in the double digits now. Hopelessly lost but making good time.

Don't seem to be able to upload images to Masto right now.

I got so busy this morning I forgot to do this. Anyway, here's page nine of the ComputAbility catalog.

Did I just see Sir Pat Stew doing an Uber Eats commercial??

BSG/Michael Hogan needs help 

Michael Hogan who played Colonel Tigh on BSG had a bad fall and a brain injury. There's a GoFundMe in case anyone wants to donate.

Her politics aren't entirely clear to me, but this is such a credible performance I'm sharing it. I like what the BBC is doing with this series, as well.

From a friend on the Birdsite/USPOL 

From a friend on Twitter:

Love how people point out GOP’s hypocrisy as if that has ever stopped them from doing whatever they wanted anyway. I’m sure all those “gotcha!” moments are going to look fab mounted next to their framed “YASSSS QUEEN” Pelosi clapping meme.

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Man oh man am I getting a ton of spam from some dude named Cal Cunningham. He's running for Senate in NC. Musta got my email from a list. I literally get 20 a day.

Recent Events 

Geez, I sure hope everyone across all of my social media feeds continue to post the Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham quotes proving they are hypocritical assholes... which will do nothing. Wait? They're going against their word? KNOCK ME OVER WITH A FEATHER.

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