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So SDF's masto has been down for the last eighteen hours or so and I've got a lot of music catching up to do from yesterday:

Something else we've learned in this crisis. All of the social media managers with their marketing degrees can't do a better job at tweeting than the security guard from the National Cowboy Museum, who took over social media duties.

doesn't mean they aren't taking bribe money from corporations to keep us from having the nice things. I'm looking at you Nancy Pelosi.

2) Look what happened when people stayed home this past week. GIGANTIC corporations pissed their pants because they suddenly lost income. They became helpless and prostrate. Let us all remember that when we want to enact more serious change.


This is your weekly reminder that we have many lessons to learn from from this crisis. In fact the list is getting too long to post. The two standouts for me are:

1) Your government has been lying to you when they've said we can't have nice things that every other western democracy has, like Universal Health care, etc... Look how quickly they funded things in the past two weeks. THEY LIE. And look, just because the dems aren't necessarily outward fascists like republicans,


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Star Trek Picard, NOT SPOILER 

I guess it's time to eat some pizza and watch Picard.

Y'all wanna laugh? Grant Imahara is doing something similar on twitter. Here's my workbench. It's my dining room table.

Was playing yesterday:

This complimentary CD that came inside a magazine I used to get introduced me to some amazing finger-stylists, many of whom became friends, and some of whom got played on my former podcast.

This wasn't my idea, but I had to share. What an interesting coincidence.

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