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In the office for Mike Pittarelli at the Paris Hill Barn & Café.

Children are dying in US Border Patrol custody. They work for Trump and Miller. This is their plan. They are really awful human beings. They don't care if people die. They're hoping these deaths will keep brown people from coming here. Stephen Miller already said he wanted their policies to be punitive. Make no mistake. This, is that.

Wow. GRRM said they have FIVE GoT prequels in development. He's also producing something by Nnedi Okorafor for HBO.

I know I just said this, but I am absolutely gobsmacked at how slow some cash transfers are through Paypal.

I'm in the custom guitar cable manufacturing business.

Wow. The Universal Life Church emailed me today. I was ordained in 2012 and they just reached out after 7 years to make sure everything was good.

My friend John printed me up some mounting cups/brackets for the new (correct) transformers.

... and all this time I thought it was NARTH.

I just noticed Top Gun was on the Sundance Channel. There goes the rest of my evening.

Favorite ABBA member.

Possibly my favorite cosplay mashup ever.

Edgar Allan Poe Dameron.

Looks like Front Panel Express shipped my panels. Nice!

Submitted my order late thursday night. Their schedule has them shipping no later than Wednesday.

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