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@Elfie There's an elf in the Rudolph Xmas special who looks like Dennis the Menace's dad.

I just spotted the "Dennis the Menace Father" elf.

RUDOLPH IS ON AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Die Hard is on, AND Under Siege.

What to do... what to do...

@jasmaz I was just posting about PETs in another forum only moments ago. But first gen, with the chicklet keyboard.

One of the major SM sites today reminded me of a post I made in 2011:

"If you cant digest facts, you are bound to choke on lies."

Amazing how relevant that is 8 years later.

As seen on the Birdsite:

liz warren: capitalism without rules is theft

bernie sanders: capitalism is theft

biden: a hootenanny without a little malt beverage is malarkey

I have to believe that little gossiping moment we all saw of the world leaders talking about Trump, was done on purpose. Surely those leaders knew they were being recorded, or could have been, since there were cameras everywhere. What was their endgame?

Some of you might remember me posting about Dr. Who singing on a Charity album last month. Well it looks like Jodie got an official Silver Disc for having performed on it.

@TheGibson probably/maybe. I mean I know a guy but no idea if he's up for a gig right now.

I need a gift idea for dad. Entertaining suggestions.

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@Ricardus he could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shout "GET OFF MY LAWN!!" to somebody and not lose any voters

That was supposed to say:

How many days away from Biden just yelling "GET OFF MY LAWN!!" are we?

How many days away Biden just yelling "GET OFF MY LAWN!!" are we?

So are we going to see the establishment making excuses for Biden's cranky-ass bad behaviour for the next year?

I'm guessing yes.

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