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@lilithsaintcrow I did enjoy the character who became Hank Hill and the Marine drill sergeant gym teacher they had named Mr buzzcut

@lilithsaintcrow I miss those guys.

True story. Some years ago my friend Matt and I were in Rochester in the summertime so we could go swimming in lake Ontario. We would usually stop at an Indian restaurant for dinner and then drive home. When we stopped to get gas one time there was a guy in a muscle car who looked exactly like Todd? The muscle car dude that they worshiped. My friend Matt and I just looked at each other and we didn't have to say a word. We both knew.

@lilithsaintcrow You're right. He was probably more familiar with VisiCalc.


@cy Someone does not necessarily equal ME. 🙂


@publius Well I can assure you that this post wasn't about you, or anyone on Masto to be honest. It has to do with a few Facebook friends.

No need to send a card. A private message here means just as much to me.


@publius I think you did, didn't you? Things are such a frenzy around here but I remember getting a card from you.


I have a few friends who apparently don't feel comfortable reaching out when someone died, and seem to be avoiding me. Kinda sucks.

Psychology question 

@ultramagnus_tcv well that's what's going on with me too. But I was just wondering if it had its own diagnostic name or something.

@tlhInganHom @bobjonkman that's what I meant even though what I wrote was unclear on that.

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