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Wow. Judd Trump, current #2 ranked Snooker player in the world came to the US to play in the US Open Pool Championships.

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Best frying pan material?

The "Get Status Updates" button on FedEx's tracking pages haven't worked for me in a while. A couple weeks maybe. You're supposed to be able to get emails or texts with tracking updates.

@redfrog In addition to the fact that the same generals had to secure our nuclear codes so trump didn't go roque.

I've been meaning to post about this myself.

Roland or Yamaha should have acquired Synthe-Axe in the mid 80s, and today we'd be able to buy latency-free guitar midi-controllers at the dollar store.

I get that Roland might not have wanted to since they had millions and millions already tied up in their imperfect pitch-to-midi controllers, but Yamaha had no such investment, and could have acquired Synthe-Axe and CRUSHED Roland.

With either of their resources and manufacturing might they could have given us amazing things.

But, alas, no...

I see little difference between AOC's dress, Melania's "I don't care" jacket, and Kyrsten Sinema smugly giving the thumbs down to raising minimum wage while wearing her "cute dress."

It's theater, not action.

It's telling poor americans to go fuck themselves.

Star Trek Day full video. The red carpet banter is cringe, but the rest is pretty good.

@TheGibson I just started using it. I like it. I was using Subway Tooter but it stopped working with SDF.

@djsundog The great thing about Bulgarian Storage is that it comes with a hit man.

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How old were you when you first watched a Rated R movie?

(boosts appreciated for science)

Best frying pan material?

Human psychology is such that people hate truth bombs. Even the ones who insist they have an open mind.

I'm still waiting for my BeBox, and my PowerPC running PINK.

What's a guy gotta do?


Man with bayonet and machete arrested in front of DNC HQ in DC.

Swastika stickers on car.

I bet he has a red hat, also.

@neo I'm open to negotiations though... we can have a progress bar AND Jobs. But we'll drop Gates.

@neo The fire and screaming gets worse as more loads.


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