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this year, Viking Santa will bring you cold steel. There's no naughty or nice, its cold steel all around.

Not only is Whale Wars a continuation of Star Trek 4, it's a little bit Road Warrior, too, which is appropriate since most of their vessels are registered in Australia.

Whale Wars (the TV show) is just a continuation of Star Trek 4.

Wow. Just saw that The Who will be playing Cincinnati again, for the first time in 40 years, since the horrible accident happened.

Finally scraped together enough cash to order some pots for more of those SSL preamp builds.

Pussy Riot is touring. If they were anywhere near me I'd go.

Thought of a great costume idea for a Con.

Took my friend "M" to the airport today.

Finally got rid of that MFer.

Looks like there's a new retelling of A Christmas Carol and Ridley Scott is involved. Interesting.

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