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Could I take him in a fair fight?

Could I take him in a fair fight?

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@Moon Yeah. I don't know if i have a working VCR at the moment.

@Moon I have yet to do any video capture. And I wish I had a decent card to digitize some old VHS tapes for posterity.


Imagine that. Another right wing extremist was causing the trouble in Minneapolis.



@EvaSkeeva Every county in the country can choose their own election systems. What devices contain the tallies are dramatically different from county to county and state to state.

If you're arguing that is impossible to hack this system you're full of shit.

@EvaSkeeva Actually not what?

If there is cheating going on via russian interference with machines that are online, your mythical HELEN will not be aware of anything that is happening.

And again, my point was with regard to hanging chads in FL in Bush v Gore (and when to stop counting) that case went to the SCOTUS, not the house and senate. So good luck with that.

@EvaSkeeva These people are in it to win. I doubt Nancy would even be aware of it. This would be over her pay grade.

@420Taxi That didn't happen in Bush v. Gore. The validity of vote counting was questioned and went to the courts, which is where this will start.

Today the NY Times reported this about Russian hacking:

"Officials did not make clear what Russia planned to do, but they said its operations would be intended to help President Trump, potentially by exacerbating disputes around the results, especially if the race is too close to call."


Oh my. Does anyone remember my prediction for the election? I said if the GOP sees a blue landslide happening on election night, they're going to "lose" harddrives or whatever media they're using for vote tallies, rendering the election uncountable, so the election has to get turned over to the courts.


Some amazing behind the scene photos from one of my favorite films of all time, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind.


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