@djsundog I think he's still in the area. I have no idea how he supports himself.

A weird memory just popped into my head. Back in the 80s when I was running my BBS, there was a local trouble-maker user that no one liked, who used to negatively describe my BBS as something like "Sports, cars, politics, and opinionated musical tirades."

I bet @djsundog remembers this user.

My friend Ken just texted me and said an audio giant died so I had to check my pulse, because I thought he meant me. Turns out he just meant Ed Cherney.

Someone posted a shorter clip of this on FB, but I thought I'd go out and grab the whole video if it was available. Check out the kind of inclusivity Carl Sagan is talking about 41 years ago. Amazing that Hollywood is nowhere near the ideal yet.

Also, note the clip is 15 mins long. Sure, Carson was a 90 min show back then, but these 3 min meaningless interview I see these days are just awful


New Star Wars Trailer/USPOL 

Apparently the new Star Wars trailers is really hitting people in the feelz.

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Had a very vivid dream about a woman I went to HS with. Weird. Right out of the blue.

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CAN pol 

So Bob Ballard got involved in the search for Amelia Earhart? How did I not hear about this until tonight?

@lunasspecto Yes, and it wasnt awful. I liked it, but not as much as Edward.

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