#2 Rascals Revisited: A panel with all 4 actors who played the miniature versions of Picard, Guinan, Ro, and Keiko, along with their adult counterparts.

I would go see those panels. And if the greedy bastards who do Trek Vegas steal these ideas, and can't demonstrate prior art to the time stamps on these posts, then they owe me a royalty or finder's fee.


I just had two panels ideas for Vegas Trek, They sometimes have cool themed panels there, and these would fit right in (actually, they're better).

#1 Picard's Loves: Have the women Picard had a relationship with on a panel with him. I would include Vash (Captain's Holiday), Nella Daren (Lessons) , Eline (The Inner Light) Anij (Insurrection), and possibly even Marta Batanides (Tapestry).


because everything else looked right, and if that was bad it certainly would be stopping signal dead in its tracks before it could even enter the EQ circuits. I checked continuity in circuit and it didn't seem right, so I desoldered it, and sure enough, the primary was dead. BAM. Solved. That takes a load off my mind, because I sometimes stress about this shit.


I built my 2nd today, and it was dead right out of the water. As soon as you engaged the EQ it passed absolutely NO signal. I didn't start troubleshooting it right away because I just got done building it, so I went about my evening relaxing and having a virtual hangout with friends. After stewing on this as a background process for the rest of the evening, my brain figured it HAD to be the input transformer,


@notcmhobbs @TheGibson Oh yes. All of them in fact. I've rewatched most of them. Loved in when I was in high school dreaming of having a cool computer.

I've got bad news for you. Joe's VP pick is not going to be Stacey Abrams. The corporate establishment knows that Joe is perhaps months away from a horrible debilitating medical emergency and they aren't going to put anyone even mildly progressive in the number two position. What I've heard is the DNC is actually trying to resurrect Margaret Thatcher for the job

Latest Joe interview. I'm in permanent cringe mode.

Everything you ever needed to know about computer security in 30 mins.

I miss this show:



@TexasBear I love building things in general, but building really cool audio gear for my studio is fun. Building keeps me sane.

Everything I've done to date is through hole, and even point to point. Haven't done any surface mount yet.

PCBs for the Studer EQ build came today. Built one. Works. No magic smoke or splosions of any kind. Need front panels and knobs.

@thor I think in most cases people probably don't care how you actually feel.

@thor when I ask I want to know so fuck everyone else

My friend Tim is trying to gaslight me into thinking the P in "ENP Doctor" doesn't stand for Penis. I mean everyone knows that it's Ears/Nose/Penis, right?

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