If the fucking HOME BASE of catholocism, ITALY, can tax churches, SO CAN WE (the US).

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Watching the Mets (American Baseball) is PAINFUL.

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@khm With 11 and 12 cog cassettes now fo road bikes, the pros are even going big in the back. SRAM makes a 10-33 now.

@khm When I used to race on the road, and I was a much younger, fitter man, I rode an 11-23 in the back.

Sexual abuse/Michael Jackson 

So, given all the evidence we have (see Vanity Fair), why is Michael Jackson's name still allowed to be spoken in polite company, and why is he still revered? Shouldn't he be abandoned down the same abandoned mine shaft as Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein? And as far as I know, neither of them were involved with children. Our culture in the US certainly talks a good game about child abuse and sexual predators, but why not in this case?

USPOL/Dems = corporate sellouts 

The Dems aren't going to find a clever way to pass voting rights because then if they do, their base will want to know why they can't find clever ways to pass other things, like $15, and M4A. Right? At least the base that isnt in the BLUE MAGA cult. And since their corporate masters won't allow any bills that affect corporate profits, they also can't allow the voting rights bill because that gives away the game and risks having to show "the man behind the curtain."

One state just spent 300 million on a pointless recall election... you know, because we have no money to help people...

As seen on twitter:

"If you had asked me in 1987 who, in 2021, I would have more respect for Rick Astley or Morrissey I would have given the wrong answer."

Judd Trump won his second match in the US Open Pool Championship.

@dctrud_ I took a few years of pottery classes at a local art school about 10 years ago. It was fun.

The world was a better place when all we had was ISA slots.

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