World's worst "candy"?

How does everyone in the world not know this is Arnold? (yeah that one guy figured it out early)

@feld That made me think of something funny. See my next post I am about to make.

@feld Who would you have voted for? I always like Doc Bricker (Bernie Kopell). He was hysterical on Get SMart.

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Best Love Boat character?

@dokuja My board is in the closet. I'll have to find it.

@dokuja OK. The application is naked jello electronic twister.

@dadegroot Him too. We actually have get-togethers at his house and eat and drink and watch him make things.


@dadegroot I have a friend who's a smith and a blade maker. Cool stuff.

@chr I'm utterly confused by her choice, but hey, it's her car/truck/thingie.

Glamour shot of my Carnhill DI. I'm using different color boxes and panels for fun. Blue and gold happens to be my high-school colors.

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