Wow. Great job from Ghent audio, the company I bought the nice enclosure from, for the Class D amp. They realized they had shipped me one wrong cable the day after they shipped me the enclosure, and shipped me the replacement that day, so it's already in the US and should be delivered tomorrow. That's the quickest fix for a mistake I have ever seen.

@farhan These preamps are clones of the preamps in this large format console.

@farhan Those are SSL 9000 Preamp modules for the 500 series format. I've built 2. I decided to build 10 more.

@paradroyd Oh, I'm familiar. Used to run a BBS in the 80s. Toying with the idea of putting it back up. Occasionally I telnet or SSH into something for fun. But I scratch a lot of that itch on SDF.

Just wanted to see specifically what you were up to.

The key is using Cool Retro Term for the vintage vibe.

Ribbon mic build is next. Need tax refund tho...

Tomorrow I am going to record some acoustic guitar parts through all 5 of my DIs to see if the transformer flavors change things much. I'll be posting to Soundcloud. They won't be labeled, just 1-5, so you can listen blind. Then you can DM me to find out which was which.

@thor Various amplificator things. This will power my ribbon nearfields, and then I'm going to get another one and build a new Stere Hifi system.

Class D Amp build stuff. They shipped me a wrong hookup cable. Can't really finish until I get that.

@xmanmonk They are, but I doubt they're on the front line of music production today.

It's actually pouring out there, but its pouring slush.

The latest newsletter from Sweetwater Sound is:

"How to get the most out of Vocoders."

Very useful... if it were 1977.

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