Does anyone have the number for Ray's Occult?

I just heard the Italian version of The Devil Went Down to Georgia. It goes something like this:

Gianni, rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard,

'Cause Hell's broke loose in Georgia, and the devil deals the cards...


@publius I've had it in the past where it lasted 24 hours or more. It does get a little old. It could be stress in my case.


@xmanmonk Interesting.

How/why are you deaf in that ear?

From David Sirota's birdsite account:

“Pay no attention to the cash stuffed envelope bulging out of the lawmaker’s pocket.”

- Corporate Media

@artilectzed Oh HELL to the yeah. The shows are smart and charming and hilarious. If you enjoy that kind of game show, go onto youtube and search for vintage black and white episodes of WHAT'S MY LINE. Great classic game shoe.

Yeah, my dad has XM in his car and I drive it a lot and got used to no commercials. When I'm in my car I can't believe how many commercials are on terrestrial radio these days.

@artilectzed I used to listen to all the NPR games shows every saturday, but I don't anymore. I miss them.

We actually taped 2 episodes of SAYS YOU where I work a few years ago.


Does anyone ever get what seems like a spasming sound in their ears? If I had to guess I would say it is the ear drum muscle spasming.

So if you do, and have seen a doctor, what is it, and what makes it stop?

I find myself once again not on the cutting edge of pop culture.

What the FUCK is Wordle?

My obsession with building a Fairchild 670 clone was rekindled by a friend who was talking about it the other day.

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