So I've been seeing a vehicle that looked like this floating around the internet, today. I didn't give it a second thought.

Then after having breakfast and sitting down to read the news did I find out it's the actual design for the new Tesla "Cybertruck."


It's a great example of 1970's post-apocalyptic futurism... except it's 2020.

Sorting resistors by value in anticipation of the 2nd SSL 9000 preamp board arriving. Can't wait to finish this 2nd one. I've had the rest of the parts for some time.

Nook & Cranny killed it at the Paris Hill Barn & Café last night. Final show of the summer season. Had fun using some of my newest gear on the mix.

I used the SSL 9K preamp on lead vocals at a live gig tonight. Really good singer. Sounded freakin GIGANTIC. Love these things.


I had a friend laser cut me some blanks for my 500 series rack. I put four layers of aluminum tape on the back for shielding.

I wanted to save money on the blanks because if you buy them from people who sell them they're 5 to $10 each depending on who you buy them from.

These should do the trick.

You know how when you go to insert an IC into a socket, the pins are spread too wide to fit in the socket? You have to bend them by hand to get them in the right position. Now they have a tool for that.

Pocket Change absolutely crushed it tonight at the Paris Hill Barn & Café. Great set!

Do I have any friends in the Columbus OH area? I have a friend who designs tube gear, and lent this two-channel preamp prototype out to someone, and it ended up getting demoed by a bunch of people in that area, and now it went missing.

Be on the lookout.

The SSL 9000 mic preamp is officially done now that the meters are working. Love the way these sound AND look.

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