Some photographic evidence that I indeed did go to that Asia show.

I will get Ubuntu Studio on the new laptop come hell or high water.

What if it had been The Paul Butterbean Blues Band?

Totally different vibe, but probably still pretty good.

I realized I haven't done an update on this project in a while. I kinda forgot to update it. I thought I was out of stuff to build, but then I realized I had one more Level Loc board to finish and the parts. The first board is almost done. Basically I need the panel so I can mount the pots and finish wiring them.

I started the 2nd board today. Transistors and resistors in.

I *MAY* have sold a pair of Neumann opamps I built. I had some extra parts, so I built them last month to sell. I finally got a taker, but he has yet to send me the money, so we'll see. It won't change my life, but if I could find some semi-regular buyers for stuff like this, it would be a nice little extra income generator.

All I have to build are some opamps until I'm employed again. I also need to fix some PCB errata by cutting traces and running jumpers on 14 circuit boards, but I've been avoiding that tedious crap for now. But it will need to be done eventually.

OK, the API knob project (which I never expected to have to undertake) is now done. I re-tapped the knobs for #8 set-screws and the larger screws have more contact area and they hold very well (the #6 set-screws they came with stripped instantly). I bought silver and black set-screws but went with black. The contrast looks cool to me.

Built up one of those 2520 op-amps and it works and looks great. A couple pics, with a pic of it installed in the ML12 preamp module where it will eventually live.

An online friend of mine fixed some Gerbers for me. The original board is the blue one in the middle. You can see the power transistors are backwards, a critical error that will release the magic smoke, and D2's orientation is backwards. No magic smoke if D2 is backwards, but the op-amp will not work.

These errors are not problem if you're aware of them, but I wanted correct Gerbers, so he offered to fix them. Much more more legible text, too.

This meter board despite being small is a minor pain to build because of the way you have to line up the LEDs before you solder them. It looks cool and works well at the end of the day.

What the fuck was Lumbergh doing in my electronics lab??

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