The CAPI 500 Series rack is done. Displayed with the one finished 500 series module I have ATM. This was a fun build, and saves a lot of money over buying any of the pre-made ones. Jeff at CAPI only does quality.

Worked a bit on my CAPI 500 series rack build today. I need this for all those modules you've been seeing me build lately. They have no power or I/O connectors. This rack provides power and I/O. This is just channels 9-11. 1-8 isn't done yet.

I built up one of the DIY Recording CP5 preamps with a 15 IPS Colour module as well. This barely took 2 hours. Can't wait to test this, but I need to build my 500 series rack first which hasn't arrived yet.

Both boards are now done on the SSL 9000 Preamp build. Here you can see the daughter board as well, which is for the LED VU meter. I can't solder the LEDs until I get the front panel in and I can measure things.

Very close to done now on this build. All I need to do is solder the replacement capacitors that are on order, install some LEDs on this board, and on the daughter board (not shown) that contains the LED VU meter.

Even more progress on the SSL 9K board. Ordered some wrong caps. No idea how that happened, but correct ones are on the way.

Circuit board from Denmark finally arrived for my SSL 9000 preamp build.

A friend met Jesse Ventura at a con, today... yes, he was wearing his Predator costume... as one does when one meets Jesse Ventura.

Jon Liebing crushed it at the Paris Hill Barn & Café last night. Great show.

Galactic Cowboy Orchestra looking out from the drums, last Sunday.

Unobtainium Pots obtained for the SSL Preamp build. As far as I know there's only one supplier in the world for these. I may be crazy but I think the shafts are a tad long. But that's why Dremels were invented. Shown here with knobs provided from a friend. He knows who he is.

I'm building a 50 year old NOS Heathkit AA32 HiFi amplifier, and I wanted to replace the original can capacitor with something new, without having to re-stuff the old can myself. Some years ago I had discovered these guys on the web, and they make these to order.

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