There's a youtube channel called Mr. Carlson's Lab about electronics, and the opening and closing shots always have him sitting in his lab, and what's meant to be in frame is all of his gear. Top, left, right, and behind him. He's actually pretty small, so the framing is kind of silly. I laugh every time I see it. It looks dorky AF to me. What message is he trying to send here? 🙂

Thankfully his channel content is awesome.

Someone on the Birdsite just posted a Star Wars viewing order for the general public. I wonder if they know it's basically just the Machete Order, preserving Episode 1, sticking Rogue One before Episode 4 (where it belongs since it is episode 3.99) and adding the JJ movies in order at the end?

The SSL Bus Compressor also arrived with the 9k Preamp. This will be a nice addition to the rack.

The 2nd SSL preamp board which has been on backorder for 3 months finally arrived today, so I can warm up the soldering iron!!

So I've been seeing a vehicle that looked like this floating around the internet, today. I didn't give it a second thought.

Then after having breakfast and sitting down to read the news did I find out it's the actual design for the new Tesla "Cybertruck."


It's a great example of 1970's post-apocalyptic futurism... except it's 2020.

Sorting resistors by value in anticipation of the 2nd SSL 9000 preamp board arriving. Can't wait to finish this 2nd one. I've had the rest of the parts for some time.

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