I'm running some signal through the trafo right now. My friend Eddie wants me to punish it with some square waves to see how it performs, but my scope is having issues ATM. A nice LCD model is on the list for 2022 along with the Hakko desoldering station.

What do you all call "alligator clips" in your part of the world?

The good people at OEP finally got me the transformer sample they promised me. Man, this one got over the pond in a hurry.

If it works out, I plan to build another 2-channel Pete Millett microphone tube preamp with them. I'll use these instead of the Sowters I used on the original, because Sowters are getting really hard to source. Massive shipping delays.

Chernobyl TV show meme/I have no idea if this is inappropriate or not. 

I have no idea if this is inappropriate or not.

Holiday food shit/gluten free/family 

So in my recent past, my family had done very little about accommodating my gluten-free needs, whenever I was invited to their houses. It was pretty shitty. But I have to say, one of my brothers has really gone out of his way to be accommodating the past few years, at Thanksgiving and Xmas. No idea what brought about the change, but it's super cool and super appreciated. My sister-in-law just sent me this pic.

When I was younger I used to really enjoy reading electronics catalogs. The ones we regularly got were from Heathkit and Radio Shack. A lot of companies don't print catalogs anymore and those types of companies are largely gone, but the one catalog I do look forward to getting and reading as soon as I get it is from Parts Express. Lots of audio goodies in there.

I also started building the Balanced Output boards for my other project. I had exactly 3 parts in stock so while the soldering iron was warm, I installed them.

So for the heck of it I soldered some leads to the SIL9 adapter boards I had made. Its only purpose in life is to make an 8 pin 5532 fit into a 9-pin hole socket. See attached. Original and "new and improved."

I ordered a very small batch of boards for some specific (hopefully) upcoming projects. Balanced output boards for the and the DIP8 to SIL9 adapter boards for the . I also got some Balanced Input Boards too, since they are the reciprocal compliment to the balanced output boards.

It never hurts to get extra PCBs made when you order some for yourself. I found a guy online who doesn't want the hassle of ordering boards himself, but wanted some boards that aren't easy to find anymore. I offered him 4 boards for a reasonable price, but with a little profit in there for me, and he said yes. Win/win, I think.

Some photographic evidence that I indeed did go to that Asia show.

I will get Ubuntu Studio on the new laptop come hell or high water.

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