OK, took the ML 12 our for some glamour shots. Here's a good one.

So I wanted to button up the ML12 build before I had to vacate the house. I didn't want to bring it with me in parts, only to unpack and not be able to find all of the parts to finish it when I got there.

This took a bit over a year, but that's only because money was tight. If I had all of the parts I would probably spend 2 weeks building it, taking my time, just to limit lower back and neck pain from being hunched over the bench for extended periods.

When my friend came over to make the RF shield a had pre-bent some scrap solid core wire into the necessary shape and length. He followed that shape as the guide.

I didn't want to paint the RF shield black. That a little too nondescript. I also didn't want to leave it raw sheet metal, so I used some random Krylon blue I had laying around since API does have lots of blue in their designs.

A friend came over and we ran some errands and I moved some stuff into storage, and he brought his sheet metal brake and made me this RF shield for the ML12. Almost done.

How many people have gone to open another tab in their browser when you have a bunch of tabs open, and you clicked the close browser X instead of the open tab + ?

I seem to do this on Firefox for Linux a few times a month.

Cat in a box. And what's really weird about this is that my cat doesn't really like to sit in boxes. This is the first time I've seen her do it in years if not ever.

Tomorrow's project is gluing the schematics for the various ML12 components onto the enclosure's inside top panel kinda like I did for the PMillet tube mic pre. This way if any future tech opens it up they'll have the schematics to help them.

Version 1 of a panel design for adding an output attenuator to the Pete Millet tube mic preamp build. My friend Christopher gave me the idea and I thought it was great.

It's a little cramped so I gotta tighten it up a bit. But I got time.

Also had to finish up the boards for the balanced output box I am making. Those are done.

This will take an unbalanced RCA or other signal and balance it with the THAT 1646 chip.

Did some soldering today. One phantom power channel on one of the Aphex 107s was putting out low voltage, so I had to fix that.


So I had an idea for the next ML12 build. How about a 6-channel version with no DIs (I have plenty of them) with an external power supply?

Other people have done this.

Some people on some of my DIY forums have been asking for glamour pics on the panels. So here they are. The front panel isn't done quite yet. The DI in channel 4 needs to be installed. No big deal. Will take about 90 seconds. The only reason I didn't install it yet is because I need to run the 4 indicator LEDs for the 4 power rails on the right, and I need the room to work.

Got closer to making the ML12 like I want it. The bottom and top of the enclosure are made of aluminum, and it's not super thick. In the ML12, there are 9 transformers and the weight was making the bottom sag. The enclosure has screw holes in the front and rear middle of the panels in case you wanted to do something, so I made two custom brackets to work with the hardware on each panel to support the bottom. Here are closeups of the rear bracket, and both of them in place.

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