I went to work with the P-Touch. It's not awesome, it's not awful. It's somewhere in the middle.

The build is basically done. Had a small power supply issue so I haven't really been able to test it yet. Will post pics when that happens. In the meantime, I put the schematic on the inside of the upper rack box lid, OLD SCHOOL, so long after I'm dead, if someone is still using this, the tech will have a schematic. Lots of old gear used to do this. They don't anymore.

This is the reddest object I have ever seen. You ask yourself how much more red could it be, and the answer is... none.

I think this thing is done... except for the PSU which seems to be putting out some very dirty DC. Must be defective.

PCB offsets are mounted. Might shim them a little higher because they come with long screws.

In the barn at the Paris Hill Barn & Café tonight for the Blues Crew.

Finished two more Bo Hansen DIs, this time with different transformers. These are made with OEP and Haufe. I did the front panels myself, from Front Panel Express. Much more fun than buying metalwork from someone else.

I also soldered the jumpers that will go between the PCB and the switches and pot on the panel. Each of the 3 switches has 6 wires, and the pot has 3. This was time consuming persnickety work, holding the wires at the right depth as I soldered. I ended up doing 2 wires at a time and using both of my Panavises.

Drilled and populated the front panel. No drill press so I did it by hand. One hole is off by a 1/16th or so, but it's close enough for DIY! I have a panel I designed from Front Panel Express, which I might order in the future, but it's pricey, so we'll see.

Finally got around to laying out the front panel for the tube mic preamp. I'll drill it after lunch. It's times like these when I wish I had a drill press.

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