Hi. I don't normally like to ask for financial help, but when my dad passed I was his live-in caregiver and my finances were always difficult. Now that he's gone my life has been turned upside down, and the house and everything will be sold ASAP, and I am not financially prepared for this. Any donations you could make at this time would be really appreciated. My Paypal and Venmo are in my profile.

Thank you.

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@Ricardus thinking of you. we’ve always been friendly. i am going through my own issues right now, as well.

i’ll be trying to keep across how all of my struggling fedi friends are doing.


@Ricardus ,Boosted, Stared 🌟 🤩 :) 😀

Shared On My Social Media Accounts Too :) ,

Just Wish I Could Donate & Help More Too :)

Good Luck :) 😀

@Ricardus, Your Very Welcome :)

I Believe All Countries Should Have Living Wages , & Billionaires Should Always Pay Full Taxes In Every Country There Businesses Run In :)

No One Should Be Left To Exist, We Should All Be Able To Live & Safe & Help :)

@Ricardus Got you in my thoughts and prayers, my friend. 🫂🕯️

@Ricardus Everybody needs help sometimes. I hope things come out okay for you, brother.

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