So how did David Morse, who played such an understated and restrained character on St. Elsewhere get typecast into playing a lot of tough guys and military types later in his career?

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@Ricardus good point. His character on Contact was similar to St. Elsewhere in that respect.

@robdaemon That's true. He was more like Boomer on St Elsewhere in that role.

@Ricardus it feels intentional, honestly. He was known as a nice guy character actor for years until Dancer in the Dark. Ever since then he's embraced the bad/tough guy roles.

@tomasino Or is it all he's being offered? I'd be curious to ask him about this.

@Ricardus When in doubt, blame Michael Bay. (I'm thinking of The Rock, 1996.)

(Also, I know he's done more subtle roles since then, like The Green Mile. But I still blame Michael Bay.)

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