Some of my favorite youtube content creators have fallen into the "gotta get my numbers up" trap and are basically trying to clone their most popular videos, but trying to disguise them as something new.

Yeah no. I see you.

They're also using those ridiculous thumbnails where they have a weird look on their faces.

Creativity is dead.

Ah well. It had a good run, brief as it was.

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@Ricardus I see that too. Don't love it.

I subscribed to Nebula in part because it helped some youtube creators do stuff that didn't do good numbers on youtube, but was interesting. I like that there's a home for long-form stuff, educational videos, niche interests, or stuff that might be demonetized. It's nice to see them taking chances and making interesting short films/essays. The subscription price is pretty low, and worth it just for the experiment, I think.

@Ricardus Welcome to a new age of algorithmic optimization bullshit.

@Ricardus It's another example into why algorithm sucks...

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