There was a time long time a go when I was kid… and I dreamed about having a computer.. And that's ALL I wanted A fucking computer and all I got was a fucking commore 64, had to basic it all, since that time to today im still a child in my brain where did the time go? I have no idea and no matter how much I hack, I still can't hack time.


@rek2 It could be worse. You coulda gotten a VIC-20 like I did!

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@Ricardus @rek2 i wasted so much time of my life before i discovered a programming language i liked.

i wish i had had a commodore 64, i was born too late. i had a C64 BASIC book, but all i had was MS-QBASIC, and the code didn’t translate.

but i gave up on programming after that, and only dabbled a bit. i mostly worked on electronic hardware. fast forward like… 15 years and i discover i actually love software, as well as hardware.

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