We have crossed the continental divide.

Pray we do not cross it further.

Oh, whoops, that's not right.

@djsundog Say hi to John Belushi.

What kind of vehicle are you driving?

@djsundog Is your stuff on a truck somewhere that is also in transit?

@Ricardus yep, most of it is being freighted by u-haul's u-box division, and it should meet us there in a few weeks - we have the short-term stuff we need in a roof carrier on top of the Jeep

@djsundog How many Uboxes? I used to manage a UHaul briefly. Those were always fun getting off the tractor trailers if they were way up inside the trailer toward the front.

@djsundog THAT'S IT?!?!?! I figured you'd need 10. Seriously. How much stuff did you leave behind?

@Ricardus eventually - the new place is at least partially furnished, we're just not sure to what degree yet

@djsundog If it's got a toaster oven and a microwave you're good.

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