So how does everyone out there handle finding out when one of their favorite artists is an asshole?

Like I have friend who won't listen to The Smith anymore because of Morrissey, despite the band being the soundtrack of his younger life.

And I have friends who can't watch Buffy anymore because Joss Whedon is a big bag of dicks.

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@Ricardus If I've already purchased it, I don't sweat it. There's not really anything I can do about that. If I still enjoy it, I'll continue to consume it.

It may very well affect future purchases, though.

@Ricardus Johnny Marr is a great guitar player, I'd choose to listen to him. And I believe some of the cast of Buffy also said that they are still proud of the project, despite Whedon. I guess to some extent you can separate the issues.
@Ricardus most of the time I just don't give more money and stop listening and talking about it online
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