If the fucking HOME BASE of catholocism, ITALY, can tax churches, SO CAN WE (the US).

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@Ricardus if there are taxes they should be voluntary. so maybe a consumption tax on new items (food would be the exception)

@bitrot Yes. And the sooner we coerce churches and billionaires the better.

@Ricardus i can tell that great thought went into this argument

@bitrot You're not wrong. I've thought about this topic for years.

@Ricardus as a member of a church with transparent bookkeeping, and one that gives generously to many community serving non-profits, i think this is a terrible idea. government is not good at charity (or anything else for that matter).

@bitrot They do it everywhere else and the world hasn't ended.

@Ricardus literally everything that has ever been done hasnt ended the world

@Ricardus the world hadn't ended before the government used a world war to push a supposed temporary income tax on the citizens

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