What universe would you rather live in?

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@Ricardus I mean aesthetically, Star Wars, but only one of those universes is properly post-scarcity and has a society that actually values quality of life

@Miredly You're right. The Brady Bunch is the way to go.

I would vote Trek, but it didn't let me vote.

@Ricardus @Miredly can't believe I don't get an option to be the professor on gilligan's island

@djsundog @Miredly I really thought hard about Gilligans Island instead of Brady, but Brady seemed sillier to me.

@Ricardus @Miredly I refuse to live in a house that cousin oliver might visit randomly. can't do it.

@Miredly Boost it if you haven't. I want a lot of answers on this one.

@Ricardus I would've answered the magical, fantastical world of Hearth from Magus Elgar!

@Ricardus For those that picked Star Trek, the Borg are now real. Scary.

@Ricardus I would have gone with the Trek, but it would be too easy. Firefly is a very close second though.

@Ricardus I picked Star Trek for the post-scarcity aspects. My second choice was Brady Bunch. (I've got pale enough skin for it.)

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