So I am going to be doing a vintage API preamp clone build, and I cant decide what kind of panel to design/parts to use.

I can use the PCB mounted pushbutton switches and pot, which limits my panel design to the dimensions (height and width) of those components on the PCB. No room for creativity, but a more contemporary look.

Or I can panel mount some toggle switches and the pot, anywhere I want in terms of layout, run jumpers to the PCB, and this would give a little more vintage look.

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An advantage of using jumpers is that you don't have to worry as much about breaking solder joints, or the board itself, if you bump the controls.

@publius Sure. The main issue with using the PCB mounted components is when I made the panel I have to do very exact measurements for holes, which I can do but there's always the chance than I get a panel cut and it's a little off.

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