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I'm surprised the hike to a $15 minimum wage being debated in the US Congress is so controversial.

When I was in high school in 1972 I worked at McDonald's for $3.25/hour. In 2021 dollars that's $21/hour.

$15 is the LEAST we should do.


US Politics 

@leo In the mid 80s when I got a high school job at a shoe store the minimum wage was 3.35. Another great illustration about hos fucked up this is. It went up 12 cents in 12 years.

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@Ricardus @leo also worth pointing out that a 1972 Ford Mustang's MSRP was $2,729 (via so that minimum wage job would pay for a brand new car in about 840 hours of work, or slightly under six months full-time.

six months of full-time minimum wage work today won't even amass a decent down payment for a new Mustang.

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