OMFG. I've never said this out loud, but I always found the 8-Bit-Guy to be a bit of an annoying hack, but today's video just proved it outright.

I literally cringed during the entire video.

@Ricardus there's a gif floating around out there of him ordering Subway with a long gun slung over his shoulder :clippy:

@Ricardus if it's fake it's a *high* quality deepfake, haha. he does live in Texas.

@deutrino He does. But i had no idea he was a militia member!

@Ricardus @deutrino I think he even has a second YouTube channel that's all about his guns?

@Ricardus @deutrino man the paperclip video from today was cringy but this is on another level

@Ricardus can't imagine being this terrified of the world that he's afraid to go anywhere without carrying a weapon. it's utterly nuts to me

@fraggle Yup. There is actually a lot of psychological research done on this, and conservatives base their whole worldview on fear. They're tiny, terrified children.

And I don't want to throw stones or anything because I'm a nerd, but that guy doesn't look coordinated enough to drive. I certainly don't want him trying to be Rambo and pumping rounds into a chaotic shooting incident and killing more innocent people.

@Ricardus @fraggle ok, so as a regular viewer of his channels about 8bit computers and keyboards, this surprised me… and I personally find this affection to guns and rifles appalling. I’m living in Europe and find the idea to go shopping with a deadly weapon hung over my shoulder crazy and terrifying.

*But* why would I assume that a person which shares one niece aspect of one of my hobbies could not have completely opposing views on everything else? Why am I that surprised?

@vogelchr @fraggle Yes. It is surprising, but it shouldn't be.

He just seemed more rational, but in one of his gun videos he gave the same, disproven, tired old arguments for why he carries a gun. It's just irrational fear.

He really upset me a few years ago when he get a talk at a computer fest and kept commenting about the kid moving in the first row. It seemed obvious the kid had autism and was stimming, and since I am on the spectrum, and he's probably aspergers as well, I was offended.

@deutrino Also, do you remember a few years ago when he said he could develop AI in a few years if he just put his mind to it?

@Ricardus I didn't hear about that one, haha. interesting guy. he's only peripherally in my youtube rotation bc my personal nostalgia starts at 16-bit :blobcatsip:

@deutrino Yeah. It happened. I saw it. He took it down though years ago because of all the heat he took.

@deutrino RE the long gun GIF. Do you have it? I'd be interested in seeing it.

@deutrino And the thing of it is, if I walked in and punched him, he'd be on the ground with my boot in his face before he even had a chance to get that rifle off his back and use it. i jumped ahead in the video to see him short the PSU...
what the fuck does he think he's doing

@aliasless Kids putting paper clips in electrical outlets literally kill people and burn houses down every year. I suspect he'll end up using that as the reason for taking it down.

Also, do you remember a few years ago when he said he could develop AI in a few years if he just put his mind to it?

@Ricardus you know what unscrupulous people do when they find a small number of rare items? they publicly destroy some of them to increase the value of the others.
I've always gotten a ping off him on my div-dar but this resolves that beyond a doubt

@LazyTechsupport What is DIV DAR? I get that it's a play on Radar, but whats the DIV?

@Ricardus ah it's for divvy or divot (like a dip in the ground), synonym for fool

@LazyTechsupport Oh, I've never heard of divot being used for FOOL but I like it. Is that unique to where you are located?

@Ricardus Definitely something I carried in to the US from the UK. "Don't be a div" was common around the south coast when i was growing up but was generally widespread.
I'm pretty sure it comes from relating the annoyance of dealing with said div to the annoyance/inconvenience of tripping on a hole hidden in the grass. Generally used for someone who acts before they think/is on autopilot and would have caused minor inconvenience because of it if you hadn't asked them what they were doing.

@LazyTechsupport I don't actually think he did it on purpose out of malice. He's just an incompetent hack.

@Ricardus Nostalgia Nerd is the bigger hack IMO, half his videos are just him reading things from the Wikipedia article over some stock videos

@fraggle Yeah. But it does bother me someone so largely incompetent it so successful. I'm begging friends for rides in the age of covid and that fool is driving a Tesla.

@Moon He's slowly been rubbing me the wrong way over the years.

@Ricardus you are just jealous you dont have an inside on free computers from computer reset

@a7 That place is awesome.

And you're not wrong. I am jealous that an incompetent buffoon has a great following and drives a Tesla when I'm begging friends for rides! Welcome to America!

@Ricardus what were you bugged by exactly? the lazy searching for information or the breaking the power supply with a papperclip?

near computer reset theres a place called tran computer open to the public thinking of checking it out this weekend.

@a7 All that yeah. It was clear he was just "phoning this one in" as we often say. So many content creators eventually get lazy and start making videos just to get one out, and this was a prime example of that. Plus some things he's said and done it many videos over the years.

I never actually subscribed to his channel, but YT manages to show me a new one every once in a while and i did yesterday.

@Ricardus ya im in a similar youtube hole, lgr and him just sorta pop up. I mean, if his computer ever gets to market at a decent price i might be able to forgive him for phoning shit in.

@a7 That machine does look fun. I'll have to hold my nose when I buy it.

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