@Ricardus *and by ending discrimination (in addition to the stuff already mentioned)

@Ricardus There's not gonna be any crime if people don't struggle to make ends meet and for safety.

@Ricardus So you want to put anti-gang police units out of a job! You horrible perso.

@Ricardus We must maintain our highly dysfunctional society in order to keep everyone employed.

Heaven knows what people would do if they didn't have to work!

@Ricardus yeah social programs is one of the reasons we're paying taxes, what exactly is the message?

@isi @Ricardus the message is using the tax money used for paying police to pay for more social programs.

@Ricardus this is a bit silly. p sure they prevent crime by locking up the people who would continue to do more crimes, and also by giving people a disincentive not to do crimes in the first place.
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