I wield serious power. A few days ago I posted across all SM platforms (tagging CBS where appropriate) that they should make Picard (and Discovery) episodes free. It happened.

You're welcome.

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@Ricardus to sign up I need a US zipcode. I guess I could try faking one, but then it'll probably complain about needing a US credit card, and I'd rather not give CBS any data when I'm not getting anything out of it. :)
Also, Patrick Stewart's tweet also mentioned 'in the US'.

@FiXato Ah. In the US sucks. Yeah, too bad you can't fake your way through a fake sign up...

@Ricardus They were probably planning on it anyway ... the first 4 or 5 episodes are where they are going to get the most subscribers just for that show; and most of them stick with it because they don't realize it's free .. even if that's the only show they watch.

I just pirate 🏴‍☠️ ARGG!

@djsumdog They only let people see season 1 episode 1 for free of Discovery.

@Ricardus Interesting ... they didn't really make as much as they were expecting off that show. I'm actually wondering if the story of Discovery and Picard will intersect at some point.

@djsumdog I hope not. Not sure what that would/could look like.

Star Trek Discovery/Picard 

Star Trek Discovery/Picard 

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