So when a kickstarter goal is reached, what is the average time USPS is knocking on my door with a box? I understand there's probably a big range here, since some product might have to be manufactured in china, but in this case, they only need to finish recording an album.

@Ricardus Seriously though, I had a bit in my standup routine about how Kickstarter is for the very patient. Or for those who like to be surprised. Like "I got a package, huh? Holy shit I kickstarted this 18.4 years ago!"

@Ricardus Hopefully it's a pleasant one, of the "this arrived just in time" variety!

Don't remember exactly when I invested in the kickstarter for OMB guitar which was supposed to ship Sept 2018. Latest word is they're shipping around the world now... but I still haven't gotten the e-mail that *mine* has shipped yet.

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