still somewhat angry at how the "transmission" torrent client includes several u.i. features that are only available on mac os and not any other system.

@Ricardus i've seen screenshots where

1. different torrent files can be grouped, and these groups can be folded

2. the progress bars can display both the regular download progress and the stripy one (where the filled areas correspond to actual parts of each file)

3. a "grid of squares" display of progress/available parts is shown in the properties window, where each square corresponds to one block of data

none of these features are in gtk or qt versions afaik :-(


@devurandom Is MacOS the main development environment for the program? Is it possible? Are they just being lazy? Do we need to visit the devs with a black unmarked van in the middle of the night and take the on a "Midnight attitude adjustment ride"?

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