I still don't understand why G+ never caught on. For me FB is wayyyy too busy with panes and club, and groups, and businesses, and news, and election interference, and the bird site at 140, and now at 280 was just not enough. I always found G+ to be the perfect balance between the two. It really does boggle my mind that no one likes it. The only thing I can think, is Google didn't find a way to appeal to peoples' egos enough, since that's what social media seems to be about for most people.

@Ricardus I'm going to miss G+, TBH. It had a much better model than FB.

@gesslar YES! How did people not see that, considering google OWNS the damn internet! How could they not make this work?!

@Ricardus I'm really at a loss! When I described the difference between the two media, it was thus: FB is the people you "must" follow, and G+ is the people you WANT to follow.

@Ricardus Many people (myself included) were burned by the "nymwars" thing, where Google+ was judging that their names didn't comply with the network's strict policies, even when they were the person's real name. There was also the burn felt when they killed Buzz and Reader, which made some unable to trust Google to keep their projects going for the long term.

Also didn't help that Twitter and Facebook were already there, and it's a pain to get people to move anywhere.

@gallowsgryph Considering all of the real estate google owns with search, it boggles my mind that they could not make this work.

@Ricardus It doesn't strike me as odd. They rarely get the social aspect right, and when they do (GTalk, Reader), someone in their company comes along and ruins it somehow.

Buzz was great until the forced following via contacts list happened. GTalk was great until Hangouts and the death of the XMPP gateway came about. Reader was great, then got killed. Now they're muddying their chat offerings with Hangouts (business), Allo, and Duo, which is a massive mess of its own right.

@gallowsgryph There is truth there. But come on, the sheer BRUTE FORCE of their megalopoly should have helped.

@Ricardus You'd think, but I've heard that even Allo and Duo aren't doing all that great, despite the whole "We're moving Hangouts to be a business product" thing. I guess the whole "you can lead a horse to water, but can't make them drink" proverb even applies to the big Goog.

@gallowsgryph Yes. So it would seem.

They used to brag about how smart they were and how difficult their job interviews were...

@Ricardus I always liked the way that G+ let you organize users. I understand Diaspora worked like that too, but I never got into that one.

@murph @ricardus Yes D* lets you put users in lists. Not a bad idea.
@murph Yes, I was an active user of #Diaspora and its "Aspects" when #GPlus and its "Circles" came out, so it was very familiar. Both the concept and the site's initial interface were obvious clones of D*.

@Ricardus I wouldn't use it, but it is worth noting I was prohibited: they wouldn't accept my identity. Which is strange, since I've bought things from Google... That was the catalyst to get out completely.

@maiki Someone else mentioned the nymwar. I don't recall it. All I know is Jeri Ryan (7 of 9 from Voyager) used to reply to me on G+ so it will forever be remembered fondly.

@maiki I think someone has. I've seen it come up in her twitter feed before. But then again, after what happened to WilW, she might not wanna come here out of solidarity.

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