There is no such thing as "making things political" because everything IS POLITICAL. People who tell you to stop making things political are just trying to censor your speech.

@Ricardus more particularly, they are acting in bad faith. They don’t actually care about whether your words are “political”, they only care that you represent some opposition to their agenda, so they mean to shut you down, and to signal to their pack that you are the enemy.

@Ricardus I think the opposite's true, though. People that tell you everything is political (seem to) ascribe to a totalizing political philosophy, and there is no philosophy (political or otherwise) with a reach that covers the entirety of human experience. I think "everything is political" is a symptom of zealotry and narrow-mindedness. That's not to say people are always sincere when they say they want to avoid making a given thing political, but politics cover a pretty narrow band.
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