I guess I should do an #introductions, given the influx of new people.

I'm Eric, I live in Ohio (it's approximately as bad as it sounds), I throw computers at people for a living, and I have a varied set of interests:

* #retrocomputing is a big one for me, I post about it over on @bhtooefr
* #transportation, including #cars, #bicycles, #trains, and #planes
* #sustainability, #solar, #renewables
* I have opinions on politics. Not very left by Masto standards, off-the-scale left by US standards.

@bhtooefr What's your connection to transportation? Just curious.

@Ricardus Just enthusiastic about transportation technologies and infrastructure, my day job is basically moving computers around (because they don't break so much any more).

Oddly I don't actually post all *that* much about that stuff here (because I'm on various forums dedicated to them), but occasionally I drop links to stories about the VW emissions scandal...


@bhtooefr Cool. I'm into transport from a less real perspective. Railroads in particular. Mostly longing for the glory days, while wishing we had real high speed rail.

@Ricardus I wish we had far more transit of all kinds.

My area, the only transit is a point-to-point demand-responsive bus service (using cheap Ford Econoline-based paratransit buses), tailored to disabled people. There's no regularly scheduled fixed route service at all.

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