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It's open source developer Saeed Malekpour's 44th birthday today. He spends it, as he has spent his last ten birthdays, in an Iranian jail. Saeed did nothing wrong except have his code used by a website Iran's government wanted shut down.

I've been vegan for 3 years and I think your advice is very helpful and something I promote. It's intention not perfection that we need.

Keep promoting this message.

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Facial recognition, surveillance state 

Google adds VPN support to Linux applications on Chrome OS

One of the more tricky parts to integrating Android apps with Chrome OS has been networking. It took a while for VPNs running on Chrome OS to apply to... by Corbin Davenport in Chrome OS, Google, News

From Discover on Google

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While I work on a new ThinkPrivacy site, I changed to a single page design for now to be the solution to what I think pages like PrivacyTools got wrong when nesting too many of their pages.

I hope this is even easier for people to access.

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@strypey The 70% figure:

"It looks like nothing changed since 2014, but GOOG and FB now have direct influence over 70%+ of internet traffic."

As of 2017.


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WannaCry Hero Marcus Hutchins (MalwareTech) Pleads Guilty to Developing a Banking Malware

Been watching this from Australia. Pretty inspiring stuff.

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London #InternationalRebellion occupation of five areas has survived everything the police has thrown at us so far. People keep being arrested, released, and coming back for more. Around 200 police moved to clear Parliament Square, and still failed.

People have been joining in that never knew about XR until these past few days. We've grown in numbers since Monday and we're looking forward to more fresh faces from Wales and Scotland arriving soon.

The anarchic organisation structure present at the Marble Arch camp has shown me that even with so few resources, even just a bunch if tents on a road, anarchy works. I went to get some food at the donations-based food stall and ended up cooking and serving for two hours. It's all just working. It's great.

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Thank you to everyone for supporting #openweb projects and spreading the word.
I think 2019 will be the year of next generation fediverse projects like #Anfora, #Funkwhale, #GoFed, #PeerTube, #Pixelfed, #Plume, #Prismo, #WriteFreely. #activityPub #fediverse #federation

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All work and no play make me wanna say "f* off" to everyone.

Vegan junk food is the best. Even though I'm vegan I really need to watch what I eat because I was stacking on the weight.

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A huge number of #vegan activists shut down the biggest junction in #Melbourne, and went into slaughterhouses and locked onto equipment to stop work in protest. They also linked meat consumption to the immediate #ClimateEmergency

The Prime Minister has called them "green criminals" and offered to use govt money to pay for civil court cases.

They are heroes fighting for the voiceless.

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I got to try the #vegan beyond meat #burger today and it was insanely good! 10/10
It was weird to eat something that reaaaly tasted like meat after many years of being vegan, but it was amazing.
Can't wait to eat it again

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Et si vous deviez tuer vous-même l'animal que vous souhaitez manger quand vous allez au restaurant ?

La dissonance cognitive illustrée.


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