Australia just made Man-In-The-Middle attacks required by law. They call it "the ghost" and every connection has to be open to the government.

Good luck with that.


I'm an Australian & I don't support this. How can anyone think developing a system to spy on everyone and a system which will certainly be exploited and abused by a good idea.

So much for a "free" society.

@Reznik @art I lived in Melbourne for a year and it's my absolute favoruite city in the world. I was thinking about getting another visa and moving back. This really saddens me. I hope the big non-Australia security providers (LetsEncrypt, Signal, etc.) just outright refuse to do this and show how pointless this law is.

I lived in Wellington back when they protested that GCHQ law that made what they did to Kim dotcom retroactively legal. 😞

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