is only propaganda for the plumbing industry to sell more bathrooms.

Oprah needs to do a vaccination stadium tour, "You get a vaccination. And you get a vaccination. And you get a vaccination. Everybody gets a vaccination."


Seems I can't even tell Candice Owens to follow her own anti vax advice without being censored by twitter.

As among us, backs a candidate who will cause the deaths of thousands for not having money over a candidate who they blame for their internet trolls. I should be impartial, but I think the clown has some bubblegum.
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on .
Just more pissed.
Need to promote and use this platform more.
Farewell celebs and bubble people.

Corona Toilet Humor 

I'm on a quest for toilet paper. Got plenty to eat but running low on anything to wipe my ass with. 🚽

Having said that, I think it's time America learns to love the bidet. It's time!

Do you talk? If so, where do you promote civil discourse?

@art Wass te matt'e? Know g'buy? Eye gess we can' av te usual hang buy de bike rak no mo'.

Gun Violence / Race 

I'm sure everyone has seen this, but this is important. There are themes about race and gun violence that you don't see referenced this way in pop culture.

Donald Glover has outdone himself this time.

Scott Walker "We don't budge." Yeah, he's seems pretty good at doing nothing...

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