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Pourquoi ai-je l'impression que le monde prend tout son sens d'un coup ?


Won't have time to LXC tonight. Sleep is more important to my health than personal projects. But I am not happy about that.

Tomorrow, no drinks with the lads after work. And more LXC and other things.

Good night everyone!

In Raiders of the lost Ark (1981) r2d2 and C3PO are both seen in a scene engraved in a gold bar/Pillar.

I love the way how kevlo is totally silent for weeks and then suddenly throws an entirely new driver onto the mailing list with a 3-line comment on top of the diff:


- The Gini Coefficient reveals where you are. A societey where 10 to 30 people control 50% of all wealth is simply not sustainable.

- We can all have enough to live in comfort, or we can a caste of billionaires oppressing everyone else, which will lead to violence and revolution.

- Remember: there is only a small group of "them" and billions of "us". The 1% will lose (eventually).

- Corporations are not your friends.

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A famous quote (misattributed to Churchill) is: "If you are not a socialist at 20 you have no heart. If you are not a conservative at 40, you have no head".

I have found the reverse to be true. So, let me state this:

- Billionaires should not be allowed to exist. Tax the heck out of them.

- Trust Funds and other tax evasion should not be allowed to exist. Tax the heck out of them.

- "Free Markets" are a scam.

- You can have a livable planet or a capitalist system but not both.

On croit toujours avoir touché le fond mais non… Voilà que Chr. Barbier conseille à E. Macron de se faire l'héritier d'A. Thiers. Le massacreur de la Commune. Celui qui contribua à briser, dès 1850, le suffrage "universel"
En fait cet héritage a peut-être du sens?

Adam Smith, the father of capitalism, says that the system is exploitative in the wealth of Nations.

This confirms my suspicion that most people waving around Smith to defend capitalism, are like bible thumpers who never actually read the source material.

published 3 updates on Nov. 16th to version 6.6, including one security update:

004: RELIABILITY FIX: All architectures
The kernel could crash due to a NULL pointer dereference in net80211.

005: RELIABILITY FIX: All architectures
A new kernel may require newer firmware images when using sysupgrade.

006: SECURITY FIX: All architectures
A regular user could change some network interface parameters due to missing checks in the ioctl(2) system call.


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It is time for another... Updates of the Day, Monday Edition!

bunped the kernel -- officially this time -- to version 4.4.202, with this alert:

"These updates fix various bugs and security issues, including mitigation for the TSX synchronous Abort condition on some CPUs."

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