I think the correct answer is somewhat in between, probably around 11 or 12km.

I have a ton of new (to me) minimal techno songs that I’ll be playing today. Tune into aNONradio.net at 2200 UTC, if you’re into repetitive, droning dance music.

Back from a long dusk walk in the city.

Phone "health" app says 13km while Google maps says 9.7km.

None of these stats capture the beauty of that place. I feel a lot better, even if I am a bit tired.


"Ross, Sky & Lochbar"
should be
Ross, Skye & Lochaber

See, that's what happens when your leaflets are done in far-off London.

Oh, the rest of the content is mince, too.

#politics #GE2019 #LibDems

« Allez-y franchement, n’hésitez pas à percuter. Ça fera réfléchir les suivants » : le jour où la doctrine du maintien de l’ordre a basculé

Après le saccage de l’Arc de triomphe, les autorités modifient leur stratégie face aux « gilets jaunes » : arrestations sur des motifs flous, dispersions et tirs de LBD. Le 8 décembre 2018, 126 personnes sont blessées à Paris. « Le Monde » a reconstitué la journée.

Driver passes UPS truck that was involved in the Miami shooting.

The only people the cops serve and protect is themselves.

Fuck the Police.

Upgraded coreboot in my Purism Librem 13v2 to version 4.11-purism1 (from 4.6)
This version has Intel SpeedStep ACPI tables and thus enables frequency scaling on the CPU under #OpenBSD Battery life should become better...


To be fair, plenty of OS that do not have systemd are also vulnerable, including FreeBSD and OpenBSD.

The problem seems more like a TCP stack issue or related to the VPN software.

The idea that Poettering is intentionally putting these in as backdoors for spooks becomes more plausible every time https://linuxreviews.org/Systemd_Opened_Security_Hole_In_Linux,_VPNs_Could_Be_Compromised

* I will stand firm against the forces of evil. I will speak up against computer systems that are oppressive, insulting or unkind, and do the best I Can to improve or replace them, if I cannot prevent them from being bought or created in the first place. I will fight injustice, complication, and any company that makes things difficult on purpose.

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