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dumbass british politician Brexit 

Oh, why don't you f* right off, "218.98.x.x"? Seriously.

And of course, as reported by whois:

inetnum: -
netname: JSUNICOM-II
descr: Unicom (Jiangsu) Industry Internet Co. LTD
Located in Nanjing.

I am very tempted to search for a list of all Chinese AS to add them "en masse" to DenyHosts and be done with it.

Tor browser incredible stupidity and insults 

Interestingly enough, this is the 4th Kernel update for Slackware in 3 months, and the second update in August.

I am afraid this says a lot about the issues Linux is having right now with the Intel Meltdown / Spectre type of vulnerabilities. 🀨

I believe it was BjΓΆrk who said that even in Manhattan, one can find miles and miles of beauty.

That picture was taken in Brooklyn, but her words apply perfectly.

Can we all agree that Ubuntu crashes and login prompt are the new blue screen of death?

(Yeah, it's an Ubuntu login. Sorry for the terrible picture.)

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