6.5 received two new patches today (even though they are marked for tomorrow):


Several issues were corrected in bgpd.


TLS handshakes fail.

I just updated my OpenBSD vm and I can confirm these are available right now.


All right, today is Friday, tomorrow will be the start of a 3-day weekend.

I have a fully-functioning machine, several tons of documentation, a nice warm cup of tea and a couple of mint chewing gums.


- Me: "One day I will reveal my diabolical plan to the world... But by then, it will be TOO LATE TO STOP ME! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!"

- Love of my life: "That's great honey, but could you please put together the dinner table first?"

- Also me: "Sure thing, love".

If anybody on @SDF needed help with Microsoft, I am afraid this gentleman has been plonked and kicked out of this instance with extreme prejudice.

I mean, we are missing some serious "instant solution in quick time" here, so I feel a bit guilty... NOT! πŸ€“

Support phone numer has been removed for obvious reasons -- these scammers will make you pay through the nose for a non-existent service.

And, to add insult to injury, the latest update of Mojave (10.14.5 18F132) prevents VirtualBox from installing its kernel modules. Crashes everytime.

And that is AFTER disabling all the MacOS system security and Gatekeeper to install VirtualBox.

That's not good. I need that qemu, stat...

"C'est amusant tout de mΓͺme, cette tendance des marins Γ  faire des phrases..."

MOAR Spanish spam about "intelligent"smart watches.

Only one "status", email is ending in "hidebusiness.xyz", pseudo profile hosted on an obviously cracked forum, etc... etc... Account has been deleted.

@SDF @smj : would it be possible to blacklist "hidebusiness.xyz" as a valid email domain for email verification?

So, just because you write something in Spanish, does not mean people do not understand you are trying to spam.

Also: an email address ending in "hidebusiness.xyz" is a sure sign of a spammer.

Account deleted. Take your πŸ’© somewhere else, or, even better, get off the Internet.

I have said it before, and I'll say it again: "Use Windows, and you will get cracked".

And no, ZDNet, various versions of Windows do not count as "several platforms".

Money quote: "The bad news is that Scranos doesn't seem limited to one or two platforms only, and can infect all known Windows versions, from XP to Windows 10, with the most victims found on Windows 10 and 7, respectively."



I grew up in Paris, 10 minutes away from Notre Dame.

I learned how to bike in the garden right behind it.

The picture of the spire falling will be in the top 10 of my worst pictures of all time.


J'ai grandi Γ  Paris, Γ  10m Γ  pieds de Notre Dame.

J'ai mΓͺme appris Γ  faire du vΓ©lo dans le jardin qui est derriΓ¨re.

Je pense que la photo de la flèche qui s'effondre restera comme l'une des pires de ma vie.

spam sexism 

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