Forgot to post this:

On Friday something a bit unusual happened: upgraded the kernel package to bump the version from 4.4.199 to 4.4.201.

No announcement on any mailling lists or web sites.

I am not complaining, mind you, just wondering if anyone has any information about this and the reasons behind this upgrade (more Intel shenanigans?)...

I am but a simple man, with simple tastes.

Pissing incompetent script kiddies and spammers with basic countermeasures is its own reward.

Technical support for Facebook?

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? ๐Ÿคก

Terminated with extreme prejudice.

Pour les Franรงais :

Je commence ร  voir des spams prรฉtendant provenir de la sรฉcuritรฉ sociale, et ils ne sont pas mal fait...

This, I believe, is an importnt reminder for every DevOps team under the sun, and probably a lot of people besides the DevOps world:

(Antoine de Saint Exupery reminding you that an objective without a plan is called a wish.)

extreme swearing software hell 

Just what I needed on this beautiful Monday morning: a spammer to plonk.

I do note that "Kevin Love" is a superbly delicious name for a spammer.

Updating the VM.

Next: update the VM.

Next: install . And probably update that as well.

I am compiling stuff on the (physical) Slackware machine at the same time.

And I will probably try to install VirtualBox on that physical server.

And compile Python3. Through sbotools. Because that's how I roll.

I am a complete psycho. I need to go to bed early tonight, and I am just getting started!

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