So you moved your project from Google Code to GitHub to Gitlab on a free tier?

How much more warnings do you need? Seriously? Host it yourself or lose it. These services are to 'back up' your data only and share your project. That's it.

Your code should be under your control, and even an underpowered machine is enough to run gitea, fossil, kallithea or mercurial. Yes, there are other solutions than git.

I know this, because that's what I do.


There are reasons though... we can't ignore that.


Except for visibility ("Because everyone is on github"), what are your reasons?


Cost and complexity of hosting.

While it's not a big deal for some projects, it's a big added cost and complexity for many individuals.



True, but only up to a certain point.

Fossil (in particular) is a single executable that will provide source code control, wiki and ticket management.

It's powerful enough to manage NetBSD entire code base, and it runs perfectly well on small configuration.

Git is not the only game in town...


`Whether it's Fossil or Gitlab or Gitea or Subversion or anything else, when you require a server to be up and available, that increases the burden considerably.


Isn't that the beauty of decentralized source control?

That you can hack in a corner and upload / sync / commit your code later?


And also please note that I did say that GitHub, etc should be to back up your data and share your project with the rest of the world.

Your main repo, though, should be self hosted.

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