Microsoft: Windows Update will take about 2 hours.

Tim Apple: "Hold my beverage..."


@claudiom @TheGibson

And the absolute worst is, of course, Windows deciding to start applying updates after 15 seconds of inactivity. Because f* you, that's why.

At least, MacOS tries to reming you gently that there is a freaking important update waiting for you every time you open the control panel.

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@ParadeGrotesque @thegibson I've seen both positive side and negative side of their respective updates. Both have sat at points where it's taken WAAAAAYYYYYY longer than it should have, even when expecting a long process. Yet, both have survived me puling the plug on that rare occasion and have relented to completing their upgrades in a timely manner afterwards. :flan_executioner:

@ParadeGrotesque @thegibson Once that happens, they usually don't do that to me again. Gotta let 'em know who's boss. :flan_cleaver:

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