I am now struggling against a sudden urge to learn ADA.

I have the feeling Ada is closer to Pascal, while Rust is closer to C.

Since Pascal (and Modula-2) is more my cup of tea, Ada is probably more what I am looking for.

And, yes, before any Rustacean takes umbrage, I know that Rust is so much more better than C. No need to rehash that particular point.

And no, I don't think this strange urge will resist a good night sleep.

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@ParadeGrotesque The kind of urge that suddenly makes one want to learn a new language is often quite personally rewarding and intellectually beneficial. I say, why not?

I did a lot of my coding in university in Ada. I have fond memories, actually. It could do actual multi processing which was novel at the time. I remember if it would actually compile, the typing was so strict that usually your code would run fairly predicably.

@ParadeGrotesque do it; ada seemed like ott vs turbo pascal but things have moved on + spark is interesting in itself + gps is pretty nifty if you can get it running

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