This is a PSA

Please remember people:

- Replace by a 'nitter' instance - it allows you to read stuff on the bird site without the annoyances.

- Replace by a 'teddit' instance in the same way

- Put your annoying newspaper link after '' for the same result.

If we all work together on this one, we can all make Mastodon a better place!

Thank you!

This is the end of this PSA.

@ParadeGrotesque no, actually, because this can obfuscate the sources of information and prevent people from making informed decisions about what they want to see. If someone wants to use nitter or teddit or whatever, they can use the original link with those services themselves.


Most of the time, Mastodon helpfully includes a short summary of the link, so you can get info on what's at the end of the link before clicking on it.

@ParadeGrotesque the link has a captcha thing at the end. Who really will go through that and use this?


Use - I have never had a captcha when using it.

Something like: usually works very well.

@ParadeGrotesque Don't forget: Replace with '' or a (random) instance!

And personally I use over

I like to add a parenthetical noting both the original site the video/writing was published on & the proxy site.

@ParadeGrotesque There is also Bibliogram for Instagram, rimgo for Imgur, ProxiTok for TikTok, Libreddit for reddit (new layout), Scribe for Medium, SearXNG for many search engines, and SimplyTranslate for some online translators.


not sure about nitter & teddit, but you can easily get in one go with the `!ais` shebang in ddg

@ParadeGrotesque I get the intent, but do any of the Nitter instances guarantee link stability over time?

I'd rather link as directly to the content as possible, so that the link doesn't depend on a 3rd-party service that might shut down in a year or two, and leave all my posts full of dead links.

Maybe Wayback Machine links would be preferable to some random Nitter instance? They seem to be in it for the long haul.


That's a valid question, but nitter instances are usually long lived and follow the link format of twitter.

Hence will be equivalent to therefore giving you a long-term access to the same content.

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