@ParadeGrotesque I go through this every day. It's why I now use a password manager 鈥 but I still go through this when typing the master password for the password manager (and have it lock automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity, so if that happens I go through it again!)


I'm the opposite. Hands know it. Brain hasn't a clue. If I ever stop to think about what it is, I lose it.

@lordbowlich @ParadeGrotesque same. I pulled the disk and plugged it to another machine the other day, and find I couldn't type the disk password without thinking hard on another keyboard.

@ParadeGrotesque Sometimes, it's the other way around, and the only way I can remember a password is to type it.

@ParadeGrotesque It鈥檚 often the opposite here: my hands know the password but my brain doesn鈥檛. So if I use another keyboard, or I have to say/write it, I can鈥檛.
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