Very provocative article on open source, by none other than the creator of Ruby on Rails: "I won't let you pay me for my open source".

This sentence is worth the price of admission alone:

"Both Gates and Stallman built their life’s work on the back of copyright law. One with the right to extract gobs of money from his proprietary software [...]. The other with the right to extract contributions [...] from users of his open source software."

@ParadeGrotesque I have lost much of my respect for DHH over what happened at Basecamp last year, but I still think this is a valuable perspective.

@ParadeGrotesque Hard to find a detailed and comprehensive description of the events at this stage - - I don't personally like the line they went along, especially after styling themselves as a company that's got things figured out (with their rework book, and their blogs and other publications).

@ParadeGrotesque while it is true both use existing legal structures, having read Stallman's essay on why software should have NO owners, I feel Hansson grossly misunderstands and mis-states Stallman's goals and intent. The #gpl is not to force contributions, but to defend against those who will only take and until the day all software is free as in freedom by default. That is, the gpl lives as a temporary measure to see the day of its own eventual obsolescence. #gnu @tio

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