computering is hard 

Talking about the 7.0 release:

"I don't want a OS where I have to read man pages and documentation to get around. [...] People want software that is intuitive, and failing that, have all answers available on their favorite search engine."

Yes, and people like you are the reason I have a high paying job. Because I RTFM. 馃

(I am not even going to link to the site - there is a name for that kind of people, and it is "whiny little by0tch")

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computering is hard 

@ParadeGrotesque In a similar vein, until relatively recently I found it mildly amusing to hear people whine about having to use the terminal is "haaaard".

Until I realized our devs are now saying the same. Are we really at a point where the max. they can do is click software together, like a kid with forms in a sandbox?

computering is hard 


This is hilarious. Up to a certain point.

People like Steve Jobs wanted to put computers in everyone hands, to break the "priesthood" of anointed computer engineers.

Instead, they have dumbed the machine so much, they are reinforcing the priesthood: people who actually know how to use a terminal. And use it to diagnose and solve issues.

As far as developers are concerned, I have found out (the hard way) they are often the whiniest of them all.

computering is hard 

@ParadeGrotesque so true.

Breaking news: if you want to get paid decently for something, you have to be good at it. Nobody wants a shitty car mechanic or electrician either. If it's a craft and you want to be a craftsman, learn the tools of the trade.

computering is hard 

@ParadeGrotesque Searching for it directly leads me to the "orange site". :-)

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