All right people, time for another session of... Ask Mastodon! 🐘 ❓

Does anybody know of a good tool that allows one to view & search through log files on the web?

Something open source that goes on top of rsyslog.

I don't want ELK - it is overkill for my needs.

I will not take anything from Solar Winds, thank you very much.

If possible, nothing based on PHP. Please.

Yes, I know about Greylog. It is one of the contenders.

Yes, I know about rsyslog LogAnalyzer. It is also a contender.

@ParadeGrotesque If by "on top of rsyslog" it can mean "goes through rsyslog and ends up somewhere else", Loki with grafana is an option. Not a very good one but afaik there just aren't any good ones unless you're willing to write something yourself (and you really don't want to do that).


And yet... This is exactly what I was thinbking about doing. 🤦‍♂️

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@ParadeGrotesque It's kind of the least worst, at least with that sort of feature set.
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