Today, on things that only work on Chrome (or derivative) because your devs are fucken bastich, I give you:

Fedex payment - try to pay with Firefox on Linux and everything will be refused, with an unspecified "technical error" no matter what payment method is selected. Try to pay using Chrome on Android and, presto! Everything works!

Netdata with obvious display bugs in Firefox, while something based on WebKitGTK (Gnome Web) works.

I want things that work on ALL browsers, goshdarnit!!

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Today, in "things that don't work on Firefox, but work fine on WebKit" (at least on my installation of the former):

Tried to login using Firefox: nothing works. Tried Gnome Web: yup, works as expected, including 2FA.

OK, OK, that one was for laughs - I really don't care about that freaking site. At all.


Yup. All Hail our Glorious Overlord, Microsoft... er... Google Chrome!

@ND3JR @ParadeGrotesque Except this time the "internet explorer" of the day ships on linux and macOS. So by and large the louder more public bits of the tech sector don't feel any friction from it.



Except that it used to be called "Internet Exploder". 😜


@ParadeGrotesque @trashheap As bad as Internet Exploder was, at least it wasn't always reporting what you browse to Microsoft all the time the way Chrome does to Google.


... Only because the average internet connection was ridiculously slow and expensive in 1995, when Internet Exploder first came out.

But if Microsoft had today's bandwidth in 1995? Oh boy, they would have been all over their users like fleas on a mangy dog.


We're being allowed our silly li'l club-0-blasphemy-yucks on the Web for now, but as I revealed a while ago, it will soon be a crime against the Most High and His Kingdom on Earth to in any way resist the

@ParadeGrotesque The one payment issue I've had recently was my verizon bill. It wouldn't work under chrome but would work under firefox. Go figure.

@ParadeGrotesque My favorite new issue is (on the rare occasion) I post to Facebook in Firefox, the order of letters I type start in reverse order.

@ParadeGrotesque We're ever much closer to a monopoly much like IE in the 90s.

@ParadeGrotesque Have you tried changing your useragent? It's usually just some serverside browser restriction.


That's way too much work for a site I don't care about! πŸ™ƒ

But, yes, I need to take a look at changing the User agent.

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